All photos of us were done by the incredible Dawn Charles in Bend, Oregon. We can't say enough how in love we are with her creative process. Her art is breathtaking!



When we got married in 2015, our wedding was the first project we planned and designed together. We realized how much we love working and dreaming together and decided grow in that, working that way for the rest of our lives. 

House of Stamm is a small fraction of our lives, but we believe in the power of genuine, encouraging-truth, kind of things

The Story:

House of Stamm is a story of two passionate creatives and their journey of developing dreams into reality. We are hungry to share what we are learning and all that we love in life to encourage, equip and inspire people.

We love talking about creating a well-functioning, thought-out home that facilitates our dream building and is refreshing to all who visit.

Our philosophy:

Good design and styling a vehicle for us to create that atmosphere.

Minimal and ethical resources and habits sustain an intentional and successful lifestyle.


Hi! I'm Mary Catelyn!

I am the blogger and content curator behind House of Stamm.

My husband, Collin and I started House of Stamm to share our love for creating and our passion for a life lived well.

I create recipes that fuel our bodies with good things. I totally geek out over paint colors and styling home spaces to create peaceful, nourishing and inspiring atmospheres.

I passionately believe we were made to impact the world around us, that our choices matter, that where we invest time and energy is where we see growth. It's our heart to encourage and mobilize you in taking hold of this power in your own life and running with it. Here's to health, fruitfulness, creativity and adventure.