Take Time to Reflect

Our first anniversary fell in the midst of a really busy working season for us, but we still wanted to take some time away --even if just for 24 hours!

Some friends of our have a cabin on the river (the rustic type without electricity or running water) and they graciously offered us free-reign of the place for the weekend! It's amazing to me how, without the distractions, we become more aware of the wind in the trees and the very rising and setting of the sun.

We went kayaking on the river one afternoon (yes, my kayak is tied to my husbands and no, he didn't tow me the whole time...). The air was cool and the water calm. It felt like we were the only two people in the world.

The highlight of the trip was definitely cooking over the fire! We brought our cast iron skillet which also doubled as a stove-top for our coffee pot.

We had left-over chocolate paleo donuts I'd made and Collin created "Chocolate, Chocolate Bacon Donuts" with "fire-brewed coffee" and "flame-fried bacon!"

For breakfast in the morning we had pancakes, fried in bacon fat. That was a first time camping experience for me and I was surprised to find how delicious it was.

For dinner one night we had steak burgers with fire-toasted buns and all the trimmings (those were gone before we even thought to take pictures!) And for lunch the next day we had kababs!

Reaching a milestone is something to celebrate. For us, part of celebrating is remembering --remembering our priorities and goals, remembering how we chose one another. Remembering that no matter where we go in life-- living on the fruit of our dreams with abundance, or facing our short-comings and starting on the long and often painful process of growing-- we are for each other.

Simply remembering things we like to do together (that often get put on the back burner when life is full) is refreshing. Reading, adventuring, talking, taking in nature with one another's company --these are all things we savor.

Happy one year of marriage, my love!