Our Simple Bedroom Refresh

I really thrive on interior design and think the perfectionist side of me loves those "before" and "after" home renovations-- seeing people dream, transform and use their skill to bring life to a space. The thing is, many times its not like that. Unless you have saved up, have a generous budget for remodeling or work as a designer, that "before" and "after" looks more like a progression of photos, of a space evolving and growing to become the vision you have.

We started our "home refresh" project last summer. And honestly, it's been hard for me to document and share with you all because there are so many things that I see in my mind's eye that just aren't there yet or we are still working on.

But slowly, I've begun to embrace the process. To realize that this expression of growth and change is good and has much value in being shared.

I hope you'll enjoy this glimpse into what we've been working on and maybe discover some inspiration on your own journey!



This light fixtures is original to the house. We decided on metal switch covers (since the cream switches and sockets don't really blend with the white we brought it). I'm smitten with the effect they have in the room and the way they tie in the antique knobs and copper hinges on the doors.

Next up in our "house refresh" series will be the living room! Make sure to join the email list so that you'll get the next installment right in your inbox! What's your favorite change that we made? Let us know in the comments!