Our Slice of Michigan

We talked about a home in the country with a little farm and wide open spaces to see the sun rise and set since we were dating.

I honestly thought it would be a dream for the future, that we'd be saving up for till our kids were half grown. A dream that we would compromise on a few stops between point a and b. We've looked at many different kinds of properties and talked through more scenarios than I can count. We just never landed.


After the short time we had with our daughter Maeve we felt so strongly how fleeting this life is. It no longer felt worth it to play it safe or go after anything we were half-hearted about. We had to take risks. If we weren't going to go hard after what we had in our hearts to do, going on wasn't worth it. We wanted our children to be surrounded every day by the inheritance from their parents saying "we were crushed but we didn't give up."


When we saw this property for the first time, we landed. It's taken a lot of work and sacrifice to call this piece of land our own and it will continue to demand more from us, but it's kept our pulse moving and has brought a slight spring back in our step. 

We are excited to unfold more of our dreams and plans for the future in the coming months as well as our adventures in becoming "Michiganders."