Crunchy Fig & Date Bites

Fig & Date Bites - House of Stamm

This month I've been following the Autoimmune Protocol (you can find more information about that here). It's really outside my comfort zone! There's something about taking on new challenges that makes you feel more alive than ever...but also there's a part of you that's dying (hello, sugar monster and vicious cravings!) at the same time. Venturing out into new food territory is that for me.

Fig & Date Bites - House of Stamm

So naturally this calls for tinkering around in the kitchen with new tastes! I came up with this combo after trying to modify several other recipes to fit what I already had on hand! I will link the ingredients below but now on to the good stuff!

Fig & Date Bites - House of Stamm

Crunchy Fig & Date Bites


1 cup of organic pitted dates

1 cup of organic dried figs (about 8 or 9)

1/2 cup of organic dried apples

1/2 cup of shredded organic coconut (plus 1 cup more for rolling the bites)


Put all of the ingredients together in a food processor. Combine until mixture forms into a large ball.

Form smaller balls (whatever size you desire) from the mixture and roll in shredded coconut.

This recipe makes about 30 quarter-sized bites. 

Store in the refrigerator or freezer.

A note on dried fruit:

Preserved fruit is something that is important to find pure and organic sources for. Finding fruit that is unsulfured, with no added sugar or vegetable oils is really difficult in my area. All of these brands are really great! They taste fresh and have no added colors.

Fig & Date Bites - House of Stamm