Rustic and Scandinavian Inspired Christmas Decorating


We've lived in this house a little over a year now. Our first Christmas it all felt so new and I didn't have an inkling what would dress up our little place for the holidays. I think knowing a space is sometimes something that takes time and experimenting. This year I planned ahead and acquired various pines, cedars and fir branches.

We decided against a tree this year in favor of garlands and wreaths, so all my vintage ornaments were used to dress up shelves and fill bottles!

If I invested in one thing this year, it was definitely ribbon. A touch of crimson and plaid, a little sparkle goes a long way and is so worth it! There are even DIY's you can google about how to tie bows (which comes in handy with wired or wide ribbon in general)!

This year I made my own pine garland! I used leftover branches to make these simple one-branch "wreaths" with a bit of crimson velvet.

Light is so important during these dark winter months. I love crafting a balance with the lamps and candles. The Scandinavians are pros at this!

I tip my hat to them with the incorporation of bearded wheat this year! I adore the way wheat soaks up the light and radiates it!

Tying in festive colors of the season using more ordinary items adds whimsicality. I love using seasonal fruit like pomegranates and citrus.

I love the simpleness of pine and tree bark. Touches of brass, silver and gold really complement the natural tones.

I made little festive displays in various rooms all over the house!


These vintage Christmas tree candle clips are from Germany and I incorporated them in this chandelier/wreath. I'm enchanted by the possibilities with these little candles!

It's so fun learning! I've already begun my list of things I want to try next year!