Travel Favorite: From Beauty to Snacks - How I Stay Sane While Traveling

Vacation = treating, bingeing, and feeling crappy when all is said and done. That's what I used to think. When I lived in California I was over 2,000 miles from home and I got a lot of experience with long-distance travel and I began to learn convenient tips that weren't compromising for my body.


Now when we road trip, we pack salads or sandwiches, fruit, carrot sticks --stuff from home. You feel a lot better on the road and packing lunch means less stops!


I just got these silicone storage bags by Stasher in my efforts to reduce the use of plastics in our home and so far I'm really impressed! They are so nice for travel too!

I look for snack bars that meet my requirements (these RXBARs are grain-free and only sweetened with dates; Collin loves them too because they are SO good)! I also pack dried meats, (EPIC bars have great flavor options and no nitrates or extra additives) packets of almond butter and some dried fruit and nuts! These are really easy on flights and when you have a really action packed trip!


Giving a little extra care and attention to your skin on the road, goes a long way! I bring hand sanitizers but I make sure to bring essential oil based ones (bye, bye nasty stuff from Bath & Body). You can even make a disinfectant roller ball blend with lemon!

 I love Cocokind Collective's moisture sticks. They come in turmeric spot treatment, mymatcha moisturizer, and macabeet tinted for lips and cheeks! Air travel can be so drying on the skin and these babes are great for that!

Sunscreens are another item I take care in selecting. There a lot of toxic chemicals, dyes and perfumes in your average sunscreen. Several brands I look for are Badger (they have convenient on-the-go sticks too), babo botanicals, and Raw Elements!


I love bringing face wipes. Whether I'm wearing make-up or not when I'm traveling, after so many hours you need a refresh. Acure is the best, with really clean ingredients and they smell lovely too!

I also love Urban Oreganic's travel-sized kit! So perfect for trips especially with a pack of reusable facial rounds!

I mentioned before about making a hand sanitizer with lemon essential oil, I'm really loving making roller ball recipes for specific things (I hope to share some of those with you soon!) But its really convenient if you're an oil nut like me, to have a few blends targeting your favorites than to pack half your oil cupboard. I bought these roller balls on Amazon and then mixed some of my favorite oils with carrier oils.


Happy packing! What are your travel favorites?