Eclectic Living Room Refresh

When we moved in, we used this room located at the front of the house as a sort of formal dining room (if you can consider a folding table your formal dining set). With the one window it was very dark all the time! The original wood work in the house is stained a dark crimson brown, and we really felt that it's beauty was hidden with all the red!


We realized pretty early on that standard primer wouldn't cut it (especially since these wall are plaster). After consulting others with old plaster walls, we learned that Killz has several extra strength primers, that have worked wonderfully! First thing to do once we primed over the red was giving the ceiling a fresh coat of white paint.

One of the biggest changes we made to the room that impacted the brightness factor was repainting the ceiling. As you can see in the above photo it was a yellow cream color (no wonder it felt so dark in there)!

The process took several weeks to complete and we made sure to preserve the original woodwork.


This room is truly our biggest transformation to date! The color we selected is Sailing Salt by Nautica. It has a purple hue in the warm evening hours and a fresh blue in the morning. I think it looks the most magical in the moody early morning light! Here are some after shots taken around 7:45am!


Sources: Maxwell Sofa from Interior Define //cowskin rug from IKEA // vintage Turkish rug from Kaya Kilims //the herringbone coffee table is designed and made by my husband...shop coming soon! // frames and mirror are antique finds // bookcase, desk and rocking chair are family heirlooms.

So excited to finally have some of our wedding photos framed! If you missed our wedding story documented by the wonderful Ritter Collective, you can see it here.


We really love our custom sofa from Interior Define! If you haven't heard of them, you should for sure check them out! I'm pretty particular when it comes to furniture and when we knew we wanted to invest in a good sofa, I wanted to make sure it ticked all my requirements! 

This is the Maxwell sofa, in Zinc Pebble weave with black turned legs. The material is so durable and easily cleaned. I love that all the cushions aren't attached so that I can flip them/fluff them so they don't get that strange droop. They also don't use flame retardant chemicals in/on their cushions and fabrics, which is important to me.


This amazing lighting piece was designed and built by Collin from local thorny trees. 

Stay tuned for a shop launch coming soon, filled with handmade pieces by Collin!

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Our Simple Bedroom Refresh

Our Simple Bedroom Refresh

I really thrive on interior design and think the perfectionist side of me loves those "before" and "after" home renovations-- seeing people dream, transform and use their skill to bring life to a space. The thing is, many times its not like that. Unless you have saved up, have a generous budget for remodeling or work as a designer, that "before" and "after" looks more like a progression of photos, of a space evolving and growing to become the vision you have.