I use The Everyday Art of Gluten-free is literally the best gluten-free bread/baking resource I've come across in my 10+ years of eating gluten-free. I can't recommend it highly enough! 

We've done Whole 30 twice now and the tools and guidelines they teach have been so empowering to get us where we want to be in our relationship with food! A totally valuable resource and we will definitely be doing it again!

A wealth of information about nutrition and eating well. A definite must-read for your kitchen library.

Kitchen Tools

French press is a near-daily part of our weekly routine. Its our go-to for a simple mid-morning cuppa and for constructing our Saturday morning mochas.

A food processor is such an important part of my kitchen arsenal. I use this one several times a week: from granola to the sweet potato topping on shepherds pie! 

In our search for alternative non-toxic bakeware, I stumbled upon stoneware. I'm in love! It bakes so evenly. It has proved durable, easy to clean. It's my go-to for things like sweet potato fries and roasted nuts.

I use mini spatulas more than any other utensil in my kitchen. They are so handy for everything!

Food Essentials

Cocoa is a staple in our house. I use this in protein bars, brownies, cake, granola, and Saturday morning mochas!

Collin absolutely loves chocolate and he's a huge fan of these nibs. We use them in trail mixes, granola, protein bars and many other things! 

One of our favorite organic blends!

We buy this in bulk, grind it in a simple ikea grinder or use it whole for roasts and soups!